Edge Trimmer Attachments

These Edge trimmers are driven by the feed motion of the sewing machine:

Style 17-A for 107W and 143W Singer Zigzag Machines

Style 17-B for 457G and 457U Singer Zigzag Machines. 

Style 17-B-A for 457A Singer Zigzag Machines. 

Style 17-B for LZ2-B 853 Brother Zig Zag Machines 

Style 17-J for LZ-1280 Juki Zigzag Machines 

Recommended for joining shaped or straight laces. A very practical attachment for the underwear manufacturer. Eliminates hand trimming or cutting after lace is already joined.

Model ZFB - Specifically designed for under trimming the garment while applying shaped laces all in one sewing operation.

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