Consew C10NS Portable Bag Closer

with Oil Lubrication System

Heavy duty, single thread chain stitch, bag closing machine. Totally enclosed/Sealed motor, trigger type switch, protected cutting blades. Designed to close Bags made of such materials as jute, linen, paper, burlap, plastic and waterproofed materials. Suitable for plain and folded top closures.

Used by packers of flour, grain, fertilizer, feed, chemicals, seed, coffee, sugar, salt, grocery staples, minerals and other products.

Speed 1500spm
Motor 110 Volt AC
Weight 12 LBS.

C10NS/220 - 220 Volt bag Closer Version  

C20NS Bag Closer (2 thread chainstitch 110 volts)

C20NS/220 Bag Closer (2 thrd. chainstitch 220 volts)


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