Computer Controlled Lockstitch Buttonholing Machine

A conventional mechanical lockstitch buttonholing machine controls stitching shapes with its main cam. With JUKI's unique computer control technology, the LBH-1700 lockstitch buttonholing machine is the first in the world to incorporate mechatronics parts for the control of stitching shapes. The machine is provided as standard with six different stitching shapes, including a "square shape" that matches men's shirts, a "round shape" that matches ladies' blouses, and a "radial square shape" that can't be sewn with conventional mechanical machines. Various settings can be easily adjusted on the multi-functional operating panel. These include not only sewing specifications such as the material cutting length, overedging width, and bartacking width, but also operation mode settings such as the changeover between single stitching and double stitching. And to further improve seam quality, flexibility, operability, and productivity, the machine also debuts JUKI's unique leading-edge technologies such as the directly driven machine head, the electronic thread-tension-control system (active tension) that makes it possible separately establish and store thread tensions for parallel sections and bartacking sections of lockstitch buttonholes, and the feed and needle rocking mechanism that uses a pulse motor.

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