Juki LBH-1790


Lockstitch Buttonhole Machine

The machine eliminates oil stains on the sewing product.


Thanks to our advanced dry-head technology, no lubrication is required except for the hook section. This eliminates oil stains on the sewing product.
The machine can be completely changed into a dry-head machine by replacing the hook with an optional non-lubricated hook.
(In this case, the maximum sewing speed will be 3,300rpm.)
  Needle thread tension for sewing parallel and bartacking sections of buttonholes can be separately controlled through the operation panel and stored in memory according to various sewing conditions (e.g., type of thread, type of material and sewing speed).
The machine is able to change the needle thread tensions at the parallel and bartacking sections of the buttonhole, to produce a beautiful buttonhole shape. This capability helps greatly in preventing thread breakage.
Needle thread tension is activated at the beginning and end of sewing. This prevents unthreading of the needle thread, and thread fraying that is likely to occur at the beginning of sewing.
Thread tension for basting stitching can be specified separately.

Shorter length of bobbin thread remaining on the material.


The new model of the bobbin thread trimming mechanism cuts the bobbin thread so that it leaves a shorter length of thread on the material.
Furthermore, the machine produces bartacks at the end of sewing, thereby preventing finished seams from coming undone.
With the soft-start function, the number of stitches, as well as the sewing speed at the start of sewing can be specified, thereby preventing the needle thread from slipping off from the needle eyelet. (From the first to the fifth stitches, the sewing speed can be specified on a stitch-by-stitch basis.)

The machine is equipped with a multiple knife-dropping function.
Cycle sewing and continuous sewing.


Cycle sewing


Twenty different programs can be registered, and as many as 15 different patterns can be stored in one program.


Continuous sewing


The machine is able to continuously sew two or more different patterns without requiring the work clamp foot to be lifted. As may as 20 programs can be registered, and six different patterns can be stored in one program.
(Related parts need to be exchanged for optional ones.)

Sewing settings can be easily changed.



Purl stitching

Whip stitching

State of first-round stitch

Finished state of double stitching

(For a changeover between purl stitch and whip stitch, threading of bobbin, as well as the bobbin thread tension need to be changed.)  
For double stitching, the bartacking section is skipped and only the parallel sections are sewn twice. This prevents any excessively tight finishes in the bartacking section of the buttonhole.
First- and second-round stitches can be sewn using different stitch widths


Thanks to the multiple knife-dropping function, it is no longer required that the knife be changed at the time the buttonhole size is changed. The number of knife dropping times can be automatically set according to the buttonholing size in cases where the buttonhole size is frequently changed for small-lot productions or during the cycle sewing of buttonholes that are different in size.
The double-acting solenoid type knife mechanism is free from the faulty dropping/returning of the knife. In addition, the knife pressure can be changed according to the material to be sewn.
The knife supports sewing lengths of 41mm at the maximum. In addition, knife mechanisms for 70mm and 120mm are optionally available. With this, slots such as the belt holes of child seat belts can be buttonholed.

Easy threading.


The needle bar can be shifted to the rightmost end position with the work clamp foot lowered.
This facilitates threading of the machine head.

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