High Speed Overlock/        Safety Stitch Machines
MO-6704S  3 thread overlock - 7000 s.p.m(head only)


MO-6712S  4 thread overlock - 7000 s.p.m.   (head only)

MO-6714S  4 thread overlock - 7000 s.p.m.  (head only)

MO-6716S  5 thread overlock - 7000 s.p.m.   (head only)

MO-6716S-60H  5 thread overlock - 7000 s.p.m.
Upper Looper extra high throw type. For jeans
  (head only)

Since the machine comes with a needle-thread take-up mechanism as well as a looper thread take-up mechanism, to offer upgraded responsiveness from light- to heavy-weight materials with a lower applied tension, it achieves well-tensed soft-feeling seams that flexibly correspond to the elasticity of the material at the maximum sewing speed of 7,000rpm.

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