LK-1900SA (or HA heavy work)

(Head Only)
        Electronic Bar tacking Machine
With Sewing Area Of 20 mm (l) x 40 mm (w)
And  Sewing Speed Up To 2,700 spm

For general bar tacking on jeans and work wear. Unit has sequential programming, enlargement and reduction of patterns, an easy access control panel, increased jump speed and a memory capacity of 10,000 stitches.
Sewing Speed  max. 2,700 spm
Stitch Length  max. 10 mm
Sewing Area  20 mm (l) x 40 mm (w)
Work Clamp Lift  max. 17 mm
Number of Stitches  max. 10,000 stitches/pattern
Number of Patterns  max. 94 patterns w/30 Bar Tack Patterns Included

Price: $0.00