LK3-B433E, BAS-PC/300

LK3-B433E Electronic Lockstitch
Decorative Pattern Tacker
The presser foot, plate and P-ROM can be ordered and manufactured to the customers' detailed specifications.

If you wish to create sewing patterns or modify the presser foot and feed plate yourself, please order the LK3-B433EX. (At time of shipment, the P-Prom for the B433Ex will be blank and the presser foot and feed plate will be un modified.)

BAS-PC/300 Programming Software 
for electronic pattern sewer. 
The B430E series can be used to sew any pattern within sewing area of 30x10mm. The BAS-PC/3-- is a software package which lets you create new patterns using a personal computer. (A ROM writer is required.)


Pattern can be enlarged
or reduced
50% - 150%

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