Man-Sew Y-Series Rufflers Safety Stitch Sewing Machines

Our Y-SERIES RUFFLER is available for most safety stitch machines.

Man-Sew Ruffler on Safety Stitch or Overedge Sewing Machine
It is tough to improve on the very best but MAN-SEW'S done iton Juki's new MO-3716 Safety Stitch Machine. With the new MAN-SEW Y-series Ruffler, your operator can ruffle the top, middle or bottom
ply - continuously or intermittently.
If you wish to combine Sandwich Ruffling, Intermittent Gathering of the bottom ply with swing-away cord piping with safety stitching,
MAN-SEW can supply Style 34D-Y Fittings

STYLE 21-Y Intermittent Ruffling 
on your Safety Stitch Machine

MAN-SEW STYLE 21-Y Intermittent Ruffler on your Safety-Stitch Machine

STYLE 31-Y Sandwich Ruffling 
STYLE 34-Y  with Cord Piping  
With Bottom Ply Spot shirred:
STYLE 31D-Y Sandwich Ruffling 

STYLE 34D-Y with Cord Piping

MAN-SEW STYLE 34-DY Sandwich Ruffler with Cord Piping & Bottom Ply Spot Shirred

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